The Single Strategy To Use For Coinbase Fees Reddit

The Single Strategy To Use For Coinbase Fees Reddit

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So let’s state I desire to buy $25k worth of BTC on Coinbase. If I just go to Coinbase and purchase BTC I’m looking at $367.03 in fees. But if I purchase $25k worth of USDC there are zero fees related to that purchase. Then I go to GDAX/Coinbase Pro and purchase BTC on the BTC-USDC market.

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So I just left the phone with my bank because after making many buy from Coinbase I realized my bank was charging me an international service charge in addition to all of the costs charged by Coinbase itself. According to my bank, Coinbase is charging them an international exchange cost to change the United States dollar to whatever currency they are utilizing.

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In addition, we are currently paying some pretty large costs to Coinbase itself at the time of the purchase. So my concern is why is there a global fee for a purchase from a United States resident by a United States company? Furthermore, if for some odd reason there is a worldwide charge shouldn’t that be included already in their astronomical fees, why would they then require to charge my bank an extra charge for that? Is this a case of double dipping?.

So I’m checking out through the Coinbase Buy/Sell/Transactions and I’m just seeing a flat rate fee bracket for $50 to $200 which’s as high as it goes. What kind of charge should I be expecting when selling past that? The 1.4% still or more?